SIG in Arts-Based Research

A Day in Arts-Based Research

Call for Abstracts

All are invited to: (a) attend the entire Wednesday activities (conversation roundtables), and (b) submit papers to ICQI Friday/Saturday panel sessions sponsored by the SIG.

Wednesday, May 17 – Saturday, May 20, 2017

As part of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Arts-Based Research events will take place as a Special Interest Group (SIG) throughout the conference.

In James Haywood Rolling, Jr’s recently published Arts-Based Research Primer, he offers a working definition of arts-based research as: the multi-systemic and practice-based application of distinct yet interactive analytical, synthetic, critical-activist, or improvisatory cognitive processes and artistic practices toward theory-building and/or the re-construction of meaningful experience.

Arts-based research practices are based upon the premise of utilizing various forms of artistic practices as a primary means of understanding experience, and are intended to have applications across multiple disciplines. Consequently, we believe that practitioners would benefit from an interdisciplinary conversation. Rather than just a single panel, this SIG envisions a series of roundtables and panel presentations that address the following:

  • How would you characterize arts-based research?
  • What are the unaddressed problems that might require arts-based research approaches?
  • What arts-based practices have you applied to your own research?
  • What implications might this have for researchers in other fields?
  • How might arts-based research practices from other fields influence your work?
  • Given that critical research methods and practices feature a substantive focus on instigating social action, what are some examples of critical-activist arts-based research outcomes serving as models of social justice and public engagement—whether rethinking global and intellectual contexts, critiquing contemporary events, problematizing norms, or contesting ideologies?
  • What are some unanswered questions about using arts-based research methodologies in social and educational research?
  • What are some unnamed methodologies for conducting social and educational research that can be extrapolated from your explorations as an arts-based researcher?
  • How do new ABR methodologies facilitate the address of new research questions?

We welcome additional topics that interested participants may want to suggest.

Facilitators at each session will be responsible for posing insightful and thought-provoking questions or concerns to start the conversation. They will then serve as moderators, keeping the dialogue on topic, and facilitating the collaborative contribution of all roundtable and panel participants.

We invite people interested in all disciplines that engage in arts-based research to submit an abstract proposal for one of the following formats:


Conversation Roundtables

Conversation Roundtables (Pre-conference: Wednesday, May 17)

Roundtables are intended to promote conversations between/with presenters and attendees concerning related and emergent topics. The conversation roundtables will be a mix of invited presenters from proposal submissions. Roundtables will be grouped together by the program committee to form more intimate sessions by topic.

Panel Presentations

On Friday May 19 and Saturday 20, there will be paper presentations for the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Arts-Based Research.

A limited number of individual papers will be accepted for presentations in panels of four speakers. To submit a proposal for a paper presentation, please submit a title and abstract (150 words max.) of your presentation, along with keywords. We will not be accepting fully formed panels as part of the Arts-Based Research SIG in an effort to ensure the interdisciplinary nature of these events.

We especially encourage unconventional forms of communication and audience involvement in which presenters show rather than read their observation or results, leading the audience to think with their presenters.

Abstract submission procedures

Please submit your abstracts for the Arts-Based Research Special Interest Group (SIG) events through the conference website: Abstracts need to be of 150 words or less. Please notice that the conversation roundtables will be on Wed., May 17, whereas the paper presentations will be on Friday, May 19 or Saturday May 20.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 December 2016

Please be aware that this conference does not provide electronic equipment, like computers or projectors. Please feel free to contact the conference organizers for clarification or assistance related to your submission or attendance at the Day in Arts-Based Research. We look forward to seeing you in May 2017!

Conference/SIG organizers:

James Haywood Rolling, Jr., Syracuse University, USA:

Ross Schlemmer, Edinboro University, USA:

Amanda Alexander, University of Texas @Arlington, USA:

Manisha Sharma, The University of Arizona, USA: