Global Qualitative Health Research


May 16th

This one-day Special Interest Group (SIG) session will be held on Wednesday, May 16th, at the 14th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 16-19, 2018

Abstracts will be submitted to the ICQI and marked GQHR SIG.

Participants register for the full conference (There is no additional fee for the GQHR session, but workshops on Thursday May 18th are an additional fee).

Contact: Vanessa Shannon,

Abstracts must be 150 words or less.
Each submission should clearly specify:  GQHR SIG
Proposals that are not accepted by the SIG will be considered for inclusion in the general Congress.

16 May 2018 Schedule

GQHR Seminar:  Evolution of qualitative inquiry for health research

0800-0810:  Welcome and Introductions.  Chair: Karin Olson

0810-0950: Keynote Topic 1:  Explication of new concepts using qualitative inquiry.  Chair:  Karin Olson

0810-0840:  Paper 1:  The Ring of Fires:  Concept development in maternal health disaster response using a case study approach – Eleanor Holroyd

0840-0900:  Dialogue with Keynote presenter

0900-0930:  Paper 2: Developing the concept of adaptive capacity using an ethnoscience approach –  Karin Olson

0930-0950:  Dialogue with Keynote presenter

0950-1010:  Break

1010-1150:  Keynote Topic 2:  What happens when approaches to qualitative inquiry go off the rails.  Chair: TBA

1010-1040:  What is (and is not) grounded theory?  Kathy Charmaz

1040-1100:  Dialogue with keynote presenter

1100-1130:  What is (and is not) phenomenology?  Michael Van Manen

1130-1150:  Dialogue with keynote presenter

1150-1300:  Lunch break

1300-1350:  Keynote Topic 3:  Publication issues.  Chair: TBA

1300-1330:  The question remains: whatever happened to research programs?  Julianne Cheek

1330-1350:  Dialogue with keynote presenter

1350-1440:  Keynote Topic 4:  Knowledge translation.  Chair:  TBA

1350-1420:   Knowledge translation:  Using the findings of qualitative research to improve health – Joan Bottorff

1420-1440:   Dialogue with presenter

1340-1500:  Break

1500-1550:  Keynote Topic 4:  Developing a Knowledge.  Chair:   TBA

1500-1530:  Building Knowledge – Jan Morse

1530-1550:  Dialogue with presenter

1550-1645:  Future directions.  Chair:  Julianne Cheek

Will include open discussion and written questions for presenters submitted during the day by participants

1645-1700:  Closing.  Chair:  Karin Olson