Submission FAQ

How do I submit to ICQI?

Please go to our webpage ( and click on the submit button at the top of the page. It will direct you to our All Academic submission system. You will need to create a new account every year. Please note that how you enter your name, affiliation and university will be how it will appear in the program. For example, we do not assume that everyone capitalizes the first letter in his or her names, like bell hooks. Please review the submission guidelines on this webpage as well.

We would also like to note that when submitting, be sure to click on the “Accept & Continue” button at the bottom of every page until you no longer can. That will indicate that you have completed you submission. Failure to do so will result in your abstract not being submitted for review.


What do I need to submit for ICQI?

You need to submit a 150 word abstract. You do not need to submit a paper for submission or before the Congress.


How long are sessions?

Sessions are 80 minutes. Each presentation should be between 12-15 minutes. We strongly suggest reserving the last 20 minutes for a question and answer session.


What are the responsibilities of the chair? 

A chair is responsible for brief introductions, timekeeping, and directing the Q&A session. We do not require anything further. We support the Q&A session as a means to bring the presentations together and to discuss the themes across the presentations.


Why can’t I access my account from last year? 

Our accounts are reset every year. You may use last year’s Username and Password again, however.


How do I know I successfully submitted?

You will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject heading: International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Submission Confirmation. Please make sure it does not go into your spam or junk folder.


What types of special requests can I make?

Special requests are available for people who need wheelchair access, sign language interpreters, or scheduling accommodations due to religious practices. Special requests are not for requesting A/V equipment or preference for scheduling your presentation. Please plan to attend for the full Congress.


What if I have a co-author?

After you enter your abstract information, you will be prompted to whether or not you would like to add a co-author. Enter their name in the search box in the bottom left corner and click “Search for Author”. If they have created an account, you may add them as a “Presenter” or a “Non-Presenting Co-Author” (the latter for if they are not able to come).

If your co-author(s) has not created an account for submission, you may add them by clicking on the “Add Unlisted Author” link on the bottom left of the page. You will be prompted to fill in their information for them. Be sure to enter it in correctly. When you click “Accept & Continue”, an email will be sent to your co-author(s) for them to create a username and password for their account. Inform them to review their information to ensure its accuracy.

You may also change the order of authors on the “Select Author(s) For” page. To do so, click on the “Up” or “Down” links. They are located for each author between the “Affiliation” and “Role” column.


Every presenter needs to register for ICQI.

Again, be sure to click on “Accept and Continue” on the bottom right until you reach your summary page. You will know it is the summary page when there is no “Accept and Continue” link in the bottom right corner of the page.


What if I need to edit my abstract or account before it is reviewed?

You may edit your abstract or account information by logging back in. You can edit your submission(s) by clicking on the “Submit or Edit a Submission” and selecting the submission you wish to edit. You will need to go through each page of the submission process and be sure to click on “Accept and Continue” until you no longer can. You may also select on the top header the page you would like to edit. Choose from “Individual/Panel Submission” or “Select Author”. Be sure to always click on the “Accept and Continue” link at the bottom of every page.

From the main menu, you may edit your account information by clicking on the “Editing Personal Contact Information” link. Be sure to always click on the “Accept & Continue” link at the bottom right corner of the page.

In general, we do NOT recommend saving a draft of your submission. Only input your final submission.


What exactly is my affiliation?

In most cases, it will be your university and/or your department. We use affiliation for those who work for non-profit organizations, school boards and institutes. Independent scholars & artists can note their own specific affiliations.


Why can I not find my individual abstract as a panel participant in my All Academic account?

If you are not the session organizer of your panel, then you will not be able to find your abstract in your All Academic account. This is because you did not submit it, but rather your session organizer did. Your session organizer does have access to it and can verify that it has been submitted.


How do I submit a panel?

To submit a panel, click on “Submit or Edit a Submission” from the Main Menu of All Academic. Click on “Panel”. The next page will ask you to select your track and input your abstract. Click on “Accept & Continue”. The next page will prompt you to add each paper. You will input the title and abstract of the paper. Click on “Accept & Continue”. Select the author by searching for them by their last name on the left hand side of the webpage. The process for adding an author for a panel is the same as adding a co-author for an individual submission. Please reference that question for more information. Repeat until you have inputted every paper.

You may also add a chair, discussant or a panelist to your panel. If someone is a chair and a presenter, they NEED to be added twice: once as a chair and once as a presenter. You can move around the order of the papers, chairs and session organizers. Note that the session organizer is the one who submits the panel. This is different from the chair. You may have no more than five (5) participants and no less than four (4).

As the session organizer, you will be the only one able to review the submissions in your All Academic account. Please notify your panel participants that their submissions have been submitted as they will not be able to view them because they are not the ones who submitted. Furthermore, please share all correspondence you receive from ICQI with them as well.


How can I submit a roundtable?

We welcome roundtable discussions. However, you must submit as a panel and the same rules apply. You must have four to five participants. If accepted, you may add more to your roundtable, but the program will only reflect the original four to five participants.


Can I submit a plenary performance?

Plenary performances are by invitation only.


May I do a performance piece?

You may, but you must do it within your allotted time slot of 12-15 minutes. We do not provide a stage, a microphone, or audio/visual equipment.


What if I am submitting to a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

You will use the same submission process as if you were submitting to the General Congress. There will be a “Track” you can select when inputting the initial information of your submission. Please note that you may submit each proposal only once. You cannot submit it to a SIG and the General Congress. Each SIG has its own coordinator who creates panels for ICQI. These submissions are not included in the preliminary program.


When is the deadline to submit?

The deadline to submit is December 1. In the past, we have re-opened the submission system on a rolling basis. A decision whether or not we will do that this year has yet to be determined. Thus, we strongly encourage you to submit before the deadline.


When will I hear back about my submission?

Provided that you submit by the December 1 deadline, you will hear from us by December 15 with a decision. If we open up submission on a rolling basis afterwards, it can take up to four weeks to receive a decision.


Do you index abstracts online?

Yes, except for abstracts submitted after March 15. No exceptions.


Why do I not see my submission in the preliminary program?

You may have submitted to a Special Interest Group (SIG). The preliminary program is for the General Congress only. SIG’s are organized by outside organizers. While a crucial aspect of ICQI, SIG’s operate with autonomy in relation to ICQI. You need to contact each respective organizer about your submission.

Another possible reason is that you submitted after the deadline. Therefore, it should be included in the following preliminary program or the final program.


What if I need a visa letter or a letter of acceptance?

If you need a visa letter or a letter of acceptance, you will be able to download it from your main menu in the All Academic submission system once you have been accepted. Each letter is assigned to one person. Therefore if your co-author needs a visa letter as well, it is CRITICAL that they create an account as well. If you need a visa letter or a letter of acceptance, you will need to submit as early as possible. As the congress gets closer, we are not always able to generate those letters in a timely fashion. Do not wait until the last second to review your visa letter and contact us immediately if there is an issue. Failure to do so may result in a delay to obtain your visa letter in time to obtain a visa from a U.S. consulate.

Your visa letter and letter of acceptance will use your personal information that you inputted into your All Academic account. Any errors will be reflected in your visa letter and letter of acceptance. Therefore, review your personal contact information to ensure its accuracy. ICQI will not be held responsible for errors on your part in your visa letter.