International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry


The Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place 

May 20-23, 2015 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The theme of this year’s congress is  “Constructing a New Critical Qualitative Inquiry” 


The Eleventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign from May 20-23, 2015. The theme of the 2015 Congress is “Constructing A New Critical Qualitative Inquiry.” The International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) will be starting its second decade in 2015. The first decade of the Congress capped a century and more of efforts by qualitative researchers to understand and transform our worlds through critical interpretive inquiry. The second decade charts a promising future.

The Eleventh Congress will be built around the changes that are occurring in the field of qualitative inquiry (QI) (and ICQI) since the Congress was launched as an alternative site for collaboration and discourse. It is time to take stock, time to go back to the future, time to ask if it is time to begin constructing a new critical qualitative inquiry, a time to undo the past, time to re-think taken-for granted paradigms, frameworks, epistemologies, methodologies, ethics and the politics of inquiry.

The 2015 Congress will offer delegates an opportunity to assess the major changes that have taken place over the last decade, and the last century. What might ICQI and QI look like at its 20th anniversary? What should the mandate be for the next decade? What have we learned? Where do we go next?

Accordingly, delegates are invited to submit proposals for panels and sessions focused on the events surrounding the next decade of critical qualitative inquiry.

The 2015 Congress will offer scholars the opportunity to explore a decade of change, while foregrounding qualitative inquiry as a shared, global endeavor. Panels, workshops and sessions will take up the politics of research. Delegates will be able to form coalitions, to engage in debate on how qualitative research can be used to advance the causes of social justice, while addressing racial, ethnic, gender and environmental disparities in education, welfare and healthcare.

As in previous congresses, sessions will take up such topics as: the politics of evidence, right and left pole epistemologies, the meanings and uses of data, new models of science, new analytics of analysis and representation, the ethics of inquiry, public policy discourse, tenure, publishing, advocacy, partisanship, decolonizing inquiry. Contributors are invited to experiment with traditional and new methodologies, with new presentational formats (ethnodrama, performance, poetry, autoethnography, fiction). Such work will offer guide- lines and exemplars concerning advocacy, inquiry and social justice concerns.

On May 20 there will be pre-conference special interest group events and on May 21, morning and afternoon professional workshops. The Congress will consist of keynote, ple- nary, spotlight, featured, regular, and poster sessions. There will be an opening reception and barbeque as well as a closing old fashioned Midwest cookout. We invite your submis- sion of paper, poster and session proposals. Submissions will be accepted online beginning on August 15 until December 1, 2014. Conference and workshop registration will also begin August 15, 2014.


Congress Activities

Wednesday May 20

Special Interest Groups: SIG in Spanish and Portuguese, SIG in Turkish, SIG in Critical and Poststructural Psychology, SIG in Indigenous Inquiries, SIG in Critical Qualitative Inquiry, SIG in Art-Based Research.


Thursday May 21

Workshops 8:30-11:30 am and 12:30–3:30pm

3:00-5 pm Poster Sessions

3:30-5 pm: Collaborating Sites Network Reception/Poster Sessions

4-5 pm: Book Signing (Pine Lounge)

5:30–7pm: Congress Director Welcoming remarks and keynotes

7–9 pm: Opening Midwest BBQ


Friday May 22

General congress sessions 8:00-5:20pm

5:30-6:30: Plenary Performance


Saturday May 23

General congress sessions 8:00-5:20pm

Award ceremony 5:30 -6:30

7-9pm:  Old-fashioned Midwest Cookout


Publisher’s Exhibit (Pine Lounge)
Wednesday 12-5:00
thursday 9:00-5:00
Friday: 9:00-5:00
Saturday: 9:00-12:00


Registration hours will be 3-5 pm Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 5 pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 8am to noon Saturday.

Please use the navigation menu for more information on the keynotes, workshops, Special Interest Groups (SIGS)



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