Lifetime Achievement Award

Call for Nominations

The International Center for Qualitative Inquiry is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award in Qualitative Inquiry. The award is conferred annually to a member of the qualitative and ethnographic community for lifetime contributions to the methods, theory, practice, and dissemination of qualitative inquiry.

The award will be presented at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Conference in May 2019. The recipient will be notified no later than March 26th, 2019 and is strongly encouraged to attend the Congress for the formal presentation of the award.

Nominators should send a letter outlining the nominee’s qualifications for the award—preferably by e-mail—no later than January 15. Include a curriculum vitae for the nominee, if available. Because a lifetime of achievement does not diminish from one year to the next, those nominated for this award in 2010-2018 will automatically be considered for 2019. A list of the people already under consideration is available below.  There is no need to resubmit nominations from previous years, though anyone wishing to supplement an existing nomination or write an additional letter of support is encouraged to do so by the deadline.

Recipients in previous years have been:

2009 Norman K. Denzin
2010 Yvonna S. Lincoln
2011 Janice M. Morse
2012 Carolyn S. Ellis
2013 Laurel Richardson
2014 Judith Preissle
2015 Patricia Lather
2016 Arthur P. Bochner
2017 Ron Pelias
2018 Kathy Charmaz


Send letters of nomination, supporting information, and a current curriculum vitae of the nominee to Stacy Holman Jones, Chair of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Qualitative Inquiry Committee via email at:



Howard Becker
Daniel Bertaux
Ron Chenail
Jean Clandinin
Fred Erickson
Kim Etherington
Robert Gephart
Theophilus Gokah
Jaber Gubrium
Valerie Janesick
Joe Kinchloe
Patricia Leavy
David Maines
Mary Katherine O’Connor
Deborah Padgett
Bert Pelto
Jerry Philipsen
Naama Sabar
Johnny Saldaña
Barbara Sharf
Robert Stake
David Silverman