Day in Mixed Methods SIG

Day in Mixed Methods Booklet

The 2024 ICQI Conference will feature the return of the “Day in Mixed Methods SIG” on May 17th, 2024.

The Day will highlight the theme:

“Qualitatively-Driven Mixed Methods Inquiry: Tackling Complex Realities in an Ever-Changing World.”

The Day in Mixed Methods SIG aligns with the 20th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry overarching theme of “Qualitative Inquiry in the Present Tense: Crafting a New History.”

As we find ourselves in a time of rapid social and technological change, the Day in Mixed Methods takes a problem-centered approach to mixed methods research inquiry that highlights the importance of employing both qualitative and quantitative approaches toward understanding and addressing complex social problems. These are challenging and multi-faceted problems that are hard to define, don’t have a clear-cut solution, and often require knowledge from different disciplinary perspectives. These problem characteristics make them ideal for conducting mixed methods research inquiry.

We aim to focus on “subjugated knowledges” – those lived experiences of marginalized groups that often go unnoticed – by utilizing mixed methods methodologies and techniques that hold promise for unearthing these insights. We aim to generate research that can effectively inform social policy and interventions that include the voices of the marginalized and are aimed at real-world issues that the pandemic has intensified.

The Day aims to explore innovative mixed methods research approaches. The conference sessions and roundtable discussions we have planned for the Day provide a platform for mentoring and engaging with emerging scholars who can offer new perspectives on traditional methodologies and new technologies.

The conference Day in Mixed Methods sessions will feature topics such as global health disparities, climate change and sustainability, migration and displacement, education inequity, technological change, especially AI ethics, among other issues the conference will address.

We will focus on examining the intersection between individual struggles and systemic barriers. Through discussions and case studies we aim to bridge the gap between personal narratives and broader societal-institutional factors.

Lastly, our conference Day aims to demonstrate how mixed methods inquiry can be a force for advocating social change and influencing policies that contribute to a transformative historical narrative and working towards “crafting a new history,” especially with regard to the enormous potential of applying qualitatively-driven mixed methods inquiry approaches that can provide exploratory “ways forward” toward tackling complex realities in an ever-changing world.


Sharlene Hesse-Biber: [email protected]

César A. Cisneros Puebla

James Salvo: [email protected]

To make a submission to the Day in Mixed Methods SIG, please follow the link below:

When prompted, select “Mixed Methods” from the drop-down menu in the field labeled “General Congress or Special Interest”. You will also be asked whether or not your submission will be for the in-person event, the online event, or if you wish to present the same presentation in both modalities.