SIG in Autoethnography

Autoethnography 2021 Special Interest Group (SIG): 

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Sessions on Wednesday May 19, 2:00-6:00 pm (US Central Time)

The theme of this year’s ICQI conference, Collaborative Futures in Qualitative Inquiry calls us to critically reflect on our own practice over time and to work together to improve our ability to respond to current environmental, public health, political and social crises. 

In this SIG day, we aim to:

Learn from key turning points in the development of our field over the past decade

Ask how autoethnography can help us not only survive but also act with increasing empathy and efficacy in repressive times

Share the ideas, resources, and strategies that inspire and improve our current practice, and

Engage in collective conversation and speculation on the future that allows us to story our dreams closer to possibility. 

AE001; 2:00-2:10 Welcome/Format of the Session

AE001; 2:10-3:20 Looking Back (80 minutes)

A panel of invited speakers will open the session by sharing turning points or key moments in their autoethnographic practice over the past decade. Rather than offering a theoretical overview or explanation, this series of quick, personal, and visceral sketches aims to evoke the affective contours of the field by zooming in on the emotionally and/or intellectually charged encounters, events, or ideas that have shaken or shifted our work. 

Norman Denzin 2:10-2:20

Art Bochner & Carolyn Ellis 2:20-2:30

Claudio Moreira & Marcelo Diversi 2:30-2:40

Sophie Tamas 2:40-2:50

Tony Adams 2:50-3:00

Stacy Holman Jones 3:00-3:10

Robin Boylorn 3:10-3:20

3:20-3:30 Break

3:30-4:30 Reflecting, Connecting and Expanding (60 minutes)

To draw current and future priorities from this evocation of the past, participants will work collectively to identify emergent themes, lines of flight, strategies, aspirations, or things to pack in our bags for the voyage ahead. We will do this in breakout rooms led by a range of autoethographers. These discussions will begin with a brief (appx. 10 minute) presentation/provocation from the session leaders:

AE002; Chris Poulos

AE003; David Purnell & Lisa Spinazola

AE004; Lesa Lockford

AE005; Lisa Tillmann

AE006; Esther Fitzpatrick

AE007; Craig Gingrich-Philbrook

AE008; Ron Pelias

AE009; Sandra Faulkner

Session schedule

AE002 through AE009; 3:30-3:40 Session leader presentations/provocations

AE002 through AE009; 3:40-4:15 Breakout discussion

AE010; 4:15-4:30 Whole-group discussion

4:30-4:40 Break

AE011; 4:40-5:50 Collective Speculation Plenary (80 minutes)

The SIG day will culminate in a session that aims to collectively speculate on autoethnographic futures. This session makes room for spoken word, singing, and the utopian raving that sometimes talks dreams closer to possibility and features some of our community’s most inventive and fanciful thinkers and makers.

Kitrina Douglas & David Carless 4:40-4:50

Amber Johnson 4:50-5:00

Dan (Anne) Harris 5:00-5:10

Benny LeMaster 5:10-5:20

Bryant Keith Alexander 5:20-5:30

Fetaui & Joshua Iosefo 5:30-5:40

Tami Spry 5:40-5:50

AE011; 5:50-6:00 Reflection and Close (10 minutes)