SIG in Autoethnography

Call for Participation

Autoethnography Special Interest Group (SIG):  Working Collectively

14th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry


All are invited to attend/participate in the following:

  • ‘Working Collectively’ Papers and Performances and Collaborative Workshops: Wednesday, May 16 from 9 am to 2:30 pm
  • Submitted paper and panel sessions sponsored by the Autoethnography SIG on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 (see the 2018 ICQI call for papers and participation for more information).


SIG Theme 2018: Autoethnography and Working Collectively

Keeping in mind the theme of this year’s ICQI gathering, Qualitative Inquiry in Troubled Times, this year the Autoethnography SIG will focus on working collectively in “troubled times.” Our SIG day will be a chance to come together to:

  • Imagine new spaces for living and working together
  • Respond collectively to the need to redefine the public university as a space for free speech, decolonized inquiry, and advocacy
  • Mentor a new generation of engaged scholars and community leaders

We invite you to participate in the following events and activities:

Wednesday, May 16: ‘Working Collectively’ Papers/Performances and Collaborative Workshops

Working Collectively Sessions 9:00-10:15 and 10:30-11:45

We will begin with papers and performances that embody and enact the power of working collectively in autoethnographic work. The panels are comprised of collaborations among emerging and established autoethnographers, some of whom have a long history of working together and others who are exploring new partnerships, including:

Norman Denzin and Tami Spry
Carolyn Ellis and Jerry Rawicki
Bryant Keith Alexander and Mary Weems
Ron Pelias and Lesa Lockford
Art Bochner and Csaba Osvath
Tony Adams and Sandra Faulkner
Sophie Tamas and Ruth Tamas
Marcelo  Diversi, Ken Gale, Claudio Moriera, Jonathan Waytt
David Carless and Kitrina Douglas
David Purnell and Lisa Spinazola
Davina Kirkpatrick, Fiona Murray, and Alys Mendus
Stacy Holman Jones and Anne Harris
AB and Glenn Phillips
Karen Werner and Deanna Shoemaker

These presentations/performances will be brief to allow ample time for discussion.

Collaborative Workshops 12:30-2:00

Following the ‘Working Collaboratively’ sessions, we will convene three workshops focusing on the following approaches/issues/topics:

  • In Troubled Times, Co-Create: Critical Collaborative Autoethography led by Durell Callier and Dominique Hill
  • Creative Collaborative Approaches to Autoethnographic Research: An Event/Full Ecology of Practices led by Jonathan Wyatt and Ken Gale
  • Autohistoria-teoría: Exploring Autoethnographies with Ancestral Knowledge, Theory, Magic, Spirit, and De/Coloniality led by Kakali Khattacharya and Rosemary Reilly

Autoethnography SIG-Sponsored Papers, Performances, or Panels

Please submit abstracts for individual papers, performances or panels via the following link:

Be sure to indicate that you would like your submission to be considered as part of the Autoethnography SIG programming.

Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts is December 1, 2017.