SIG in Autoethnography

Call for Participation

Autoethnography 2023 Special Interest Group (SIG):

Autoethnography at the Intersections of Uncertainty and Hope

Wednesday May 17, 2:00-6:00 pm (US Central Time).

The theme of this year’s ICQI conference, Qualitative Inquiry in Post(?)- Pandemic Times, calls us to critically reflect on how persistent uncertainties impact our ability to create, maintain and realise a collective sense of hope. Working at the intersection of uncertainty and hope, we will collectively explore how the personal and everyday realities help us work toward more sustainable, inclusive and transformative futures.  

The SIG afternoon will include three sessions:

Autoethnography in Times of Uncertainty

A panel of invited speakers will open the session by sharing work that explores what insights, understandings and gifts autoethography offers individuals and communities in times of uncertainty. This series of short, personal and imaginative offerings aims to bear witness to the persistent and productive uncertainties of the everyday.

Autoethnography as an Act of Hope

The speakers in this second movement will share work that marshals autoethnography as an act of hope in the present. This series of short, personal and imaginative offerings aims to leverage the hope we find in the now to create a vision of what might be possible.

Collective Speculation Open Mic         

The SIG day will culminate in a session that aims to collectively speculate on the power of autoethnography to create sustainable, inclusive and transformative futures. This session makes room for spoken word, singing, and the utopian raving that sometimes talks dreams closer to possibility and features some of our community’s most inventive and fanciful thinkers and makers.