SIG in Arts-Based Research


Pre-conference Symposium: Qualitative Inquiry in Post(?)-Pandemic Times


A full day interactive symposium led by ABR experts while engaging participants in addressing current issues in ABR inquiry, expression, and performance with implications for addressing the conference topic of research as political resistance. Although there is no fee to take part in the symposium, all participants must register for the ICQI conference.


9:00-9:15     Welcome and Introductions

9:15-10:15    Points of Provocation  

Senior scholars in ABR will each introduce a methodological point of debate within ABR. Each presentation will not exceed 7 minutes. Presentations may be delivered linguistically or performed.  Following all presentations, there will be brief discussion on how we will work together to build on these themes throughout the day.

  • Group 1: Dafna Moriya Exploring Art-Based Research by Candlelight
  • Group 2: Sarah Travis Arts-Based Inquiry Through Relationality 
  • Group 3: Sara Scott Shields  Stratified Thoughts: Keeping a Mixed Media Visual Research Journal
  • Group 4: Charles Vanover and Marianna Staroselsky  Identity Distress Experiences and Forum Theatre: An Arts-Based Research Workshop
  • Group 5: Nancy Gerber and Amber Ward: Speaking the Unspeakable: Arts-based Material Explorations


10:30-12:15 Provocation Workshops
The workshop portion will include small group breakout groups each with an assigned provocation and senior scholar facilitator. Each group will include dialogues and arts-based processes to address philosophical, theoretical, and practical aspects of ABR related to their topic and related issues. These dialogues are inclusive of the multi-disciplinary and socially engaged nature of ABR and how different disciplines may create tensions as to how ABR might or might not be conceptualized, practiced, and defined. As the conversation emerges, these ABR discussions will debate what might constitute a coherent response to the provocation. Each group will synthesize the arts-based, textual and theoretical conclusions from their discussion for a presentation/performance to the entire group in the afternoon session. The afternoon presentational formats can also explore distinctly ABR modes of opportunities for audience engagement and feedback.

12:15-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:15 Afternoon Presentations

Groups will present the results of their morning provocation driven discussions and arts-based inquiries.



Entire group reconvenes to review and summarize the learning from the day. A final discussion will summarize the day’s activities and will identify emergent responses, questions, and phenomena central to continued investigation in ABR.