SIG in Arts-Based Research

The ABR SIG events include and welcome you to: (a) attend the entire Wednesday ABR SIG Pre-Conference Symposium, (b) register for Thursday Workshops that relate to Arts-Based Research, and (c) and/or attend ICQI Friday/Saturday plenary, panel and individual paper sessions sponsored by the SIG. 

Introduction and Background 

Arts-based research is based upon the premise of utilizing various forms of artistic practice as a primary means of investigating and understanding human experience, extending to more materially sensitive, discursive, and intuitive ways of knowing. Grounded in a worldview of pluralistic ontologies and dialectic aesthetic epistemologies, ABR seeks to disrupt usual binaries such as thought and sense, mind and matter, the human and the inhuman, space and time resulting in new intersubjective and social constructions. Through provocation and contested interactions that result in startling crystallizations, permutations, and mutations, ABR invites exploration of multi-dimensional human sensory, emotional, and embodied phenomena otherwise inexpressible and out of reach through formal, academic, explanatory analysis. ABR also transcends disciplinary boundaries and is intended to therefore have applications across multiple domains and impact global socio-cultural and socio-political arenas. While the potential contributions of ABR are vast, the pragmatic issues of methodology, translation, evaluation, credibility, ethics, and, in some cases dissemination, require ongoing productive and creative discourse. 

We encourage unconventional, interactive and engaging forms of communication and audience involvement in which presenters show rather than read their observation or results, leading the audience to think with their presenters. 

Conference/SIG organizers:

Nancy Gerber, Ph.D., ATR-BC

Richard Siegesmund, Ph.D. 

Brooke Hofsess, Ph.D.