QI2024 Virtual

All times are CT (GMT -5:00).

QI2024 Virtual Program 05.30.2024

CVent Attendee Hub Instructions

Zoom Host Links for Presenters

Non-Presenter Attendee Hub Login

Presentation Instructions for the 20th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2024)

  • Be sure you are registered for QI2024. If you are not, registration can be accomplished here:
  • All times in the program are US Central Time (CT).
  • Make sure the latest version of Zoom is installed on your computer. Updates can be made from the software. If you do not have Zoom installed and you’re in the US, please download Zoom here: If you’re outside of the US, search “zoom download” in Google, and your country specific page should be in the results.
  • Find your Panel ID Number for your session in the program: . The Panel ID Numbers are typically the presentation date, followed by a serial number. For example, the first Wednesday panel is “05.29.101”. Some Panel ID Numbers for specific SIGS use a different naming convention.
  • 15 to 10 minutes before your presentation, go to the page: click on the Zoom host link next to your Panel ID Number. If you’re having trouble logging in, try logging out of your institutional Zoom account, then click the link again. Disconnecting from a VPN may also resolve the issue.
  • Once you and the other presenters are in the Zoom session, decide upon who will act as the primary host. The primary host will be responsible for recording the session and must stay for the duration of the session to ensure the session remains active. There should be at least one co-host in the case that the host gets disconnected. Once there’s a designated host and co-host, if desired, other presenters may wish to relinquish their host capabilities by clicking on the [. . .] button next to their name.
  • Hosts should record the session by clicking the Record button at the bottom of their screen and MUST enable the [CC] Live Transcript Button to make the sessions accessible. If any presenters wish to opt out of the recording, the host should pause the recording (instead of fully stopping the recording to ensure that there will be only one video file generated). Videos will be available approximately 90 minutes after the session has ended. 
  • Hosts have waiting room, muting, breakout room creation, and all the other host privileges as one would have in a typical Zoom session, except for polling. (Click here for more information:
  • Hosts will end the session once the presentation is over. The session will not automatically end if presentations go over time.
  • The Chat function is disabled so as not to distract the presenters. Please raise your hand for questions at the end of presentations.


Non-Presenting Attendee Instructions for the 20th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2024)

Please note that if you are presenting at a session, you will need to use a Zoom Host Link for Presenters.

Please use the link below to attend sessions at the 20th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2024).

The link below is ONLY for non-presenting, registered attendees or workshop attendees. If you are presenting, please use the host link page. You can find the host link URL at the top of this page. Once you login, you will receive a verification code via email, text message, or both. The code will be active for 24 hours only.

Non-Presenting, Registered Attendees

If you click on the Join Session button and nothing appears, your browser may be using a pop-up blocker.

If nothing happens when you click the Join Session button, look to where the URL in your browser normally appears. If your browser tells you that a pop-up has been blocked, you can click on this message, and the link will typically open.