Welcome action research and community-based participatory researchers! All of our 2024 presentations are part of the regular congress on Friday and Saturday but we have organized them into this section of the program for ease of navigation.

Help us cultuvate our (p)AR space (see the ICQI tree house in the cartoon by Steve Kroeger below!) at ICQI by attending as many of the presentations as you can. You can find the program at the end of the overall connference program: https://icqi.org/program/. We look forward to seeing you! 

All (p)AR sessions will take place in Allini Union 103

A Special (p)AR SIG session

On Friday May 17th from 4:00-5:15 pm in Union 103 we will explore the question Do we feel at home yet at ICQI? In a (p)AR SIG Special Session. More details:

Session title: (p)AR-SIG (un)Panel—Participatory Action Researchers looking for a home at ICQI: the (re) emergence of the (p)AR Special Interest Group 

Facilitator(s): Alfredo Ortiz Aragón, Mary Brydon-Miller, and Steve Kroeger

Description: In this session, we will share a draft cartoon academic article that speaks to how five participants in (p)AR-SIG activities over the last 3 years have led to us feeling at home (or not!) at ICQI. Based on the response to the cartoon, we will convene a conversation on how we might continue building (p)AR SIG processes that continue to grow a home for community-based, participatory, and action researchers at ICQI. We will also share about a double special issue on AR we are curating in IRQR.

Please introduce yourselves

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A (p)AR SIG social on Friday!

We will also have a happy hour on Friday. We will post information to the Padlet found at the QR code to let you all know the location.