(P)articipatory Action Research-SIG for ICQI 2022


Last year, we relaunched the (p)AR SIG (special interest group) at ICQI, by convening three specific moments in which many of us came together to share what we were learning at the conference and assemble elements that would go into to the development of the (p)AR SIG in the future. The results of our sessions can be found here:

Figure 1: Learning map from our final session (by Steve Kroeger)


This year, we hope to continue last year’s conversation, but with an additional purpose of recruiting participants to lead the SIG moving forward—including hopefully planning virtual and in-person activities for 2023! The overall question we are hoping to address through our SIG time together is:

How might a (p)AR SIG support us to share our successes and struggles as we try to implement AR in our communities and institutions?

The three moments we are convening as an overall SIG this year are:

DayTime(p)AR SIG SessionKey question we will explore
Friday, May 20th0700-0830 am CDT (Illinois time)1)     (p)AR-SIG (un)Symposium 1: participatory Action Research for a Critical Utopia In this session, we will share progress made last year at the ICQI relaunch of the (p)AR SIG and present the SIG agenda for ICQI 2022. Specifically, we will: Share results from last year’s (re)Launch and use a Critical Utopian Action Research approach to begin defining our mandate for the next 3 years Allow action researchers at the conference to get to know each other and become aware of the spaces in which they will be presentingGet qualitative researchers excited about opportunities to participate in AR sessions throughout ICQIWhat makes AR difficult for you to implement in your communities and institutions?
Friday, May 20th2000-2145 (8-945 pm) CDT (Illinois time)2)     The Grand Tour:  Exploring What’s New in Action Research  Note: the zoom for this session will be provided from outside of the ICQI platform—stay tuned. In this session, join our colleague, Professor Mary Brydon-Miller as she visits fellow action researchers from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Philippines in her (virtual) private plane to hear their stories about the amazing action research work being done in our region.  This session is being co-hosted by the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Action Research Action Learning in the Philippines, the Action Learning Action Research Association in Australia, the New Zealand Action Research Network and the Malaysian Action Research Network and we’ll be welcoming guests from all of these organizations to come along for the ride!  Professor Steve Kroeger will also be joining us to capture it all through the magic of his visual facilitation.  Don’t miss the fun! Zoom webinar.Kindly advise the participants to Register in advance for this webinar, which is outside the ICQI portal: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_VGTPMbFvRGmFkF_xb-bmKA Please note that while the registration link will work for the entire 6th International Congress on Action Research, Action Learning (ARAL2022—https://www.araldlsu.net/), the session you are registering for is from 8-945 pm CDT (Illinois time) on Friday, May 20th. Feel free to participate in other sessions but note that our shared session with ICQI is at 8pm on Friday.What cool AR is taking place in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Philippines? (this is a joint session with 5 networks (ARAL / ICQI / ARAL / ALARA / MARN / NZARN)
Saturday May 21st  1500 – 1630 (3:00-4:30 pm) CDT (Illinois time)3)     (p)AR-SIG (un)Symposium 2: Organizing the SIG moving forward In this session, we will develop a plan for future SIG activities and leadership    If all things were possible, what would help you implement AR in your communities and institutions (or what would you dream of)?  What small steps can we take individually and collectively to bring dreams into reality?
  • You are warmly invited to each session! Please do come to share your knowledge and experience and help us develop a SIG that explores powerful connections between participatory, action-oriented forms of research and qualitative research! 
  • We also invite you to introduce yourself with a short post at this Padlet: https://bit.ly/ICQI2022. Instructions can be found there.  

See you soon! 

2022 (p)AR-SIG organizersAlfredo Ortiz Aragón, Miriam Raider-Roth, Inci Yilmazli Trout and Mary Brydon-Miller
2021 (p)AR-SIG organizersMary Brydon-Miller, Ernie Stringer, Alfredo Ortiz Aragón, Dusty Columbia Embury, Rosalind Beadle, Inci Yilmazli Trout