Qualitative Book Award

International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Qualitative Book Award 2023

The Qualitative Book Award committee – Tony Adams, Kakali Bhattacharya, Jonathan Wyatt – has had the privilege of reviewing 17 fine nominations for the 2023 ICQI book award. The award recognizes works that make a major contribution to the study and practice of qualitative approaches, with criteria such as: success in experimenting with new or traditional writing forms; the inclusion of critical reflections on the writing and research process; contributions to living meaningful lives; and insights into creating a socially just world.

This year, an honorable mention is awarded to:

Thalia Mulvihill and Raji Swaminathan, Collaborative Qualitative Research, Guilford Press

Mulvihill and Swaminathan open the reader to a wide range of collaborative possibilities that span disciplines, status differentials, and geographical locations. The text is an accessible, comprehensive, and comprehensible resource that foregrounds the nuances of working and writing with others. It is an important book for both novice researchers and seasoned scholars.

The joint winners of the 2023 Qualitative Book Award are:

Marisa de Andrade, Public Health, Humanities and Magical Realism: A Creative-Relational Approach to Researching Human Experience, Routledge


S. R. Toliver, Recovering Black Storytelling in Qualitative Research, Routledge

In her book, Marisa de Andrade intertwines fantastical realities based on ‘truthful’ research findings with traditional public health approaches. De Andrade offers a reflexive, practical, and paradigm-shifting text that espouses important messages about relationality, research practice, and well-being.

In Recovering Black Storytelling, Stephanie Toliver presents a semi-fictionalized narrative in a science fiction setting, foregrounding Black narrative traditions and utilizing Black storytelling, Afrofuturism, and womanism as onto-epistemological tools. An exemplary, genre-defining, world-making narrative text that will become a classic in the fields of Afrofuturism, critical qualitative research, and social justice.

Many congratulations to all these authors!

Jonathan Wyatt, Chair, ICQI 2023 Book Award Committee, Edinburgh, March 2023