SIG in Social Work

7th Annual Social Work Day

Thursday, 17 May 2018

International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry


All are Welcome

Social Work Day: Energy and Ideas

Social Work Day is the great social work get-together. Social workers from throughout the world come together to share ideas and draw energy from each other. All methods and topics are welcome. We are particularly interested in papers that expand thinking on how social work qualitative research contributes to social justice, social care, and social change. These are topics that fit the theme of the main conference, which is “Qualitative Inquiry in the Public Sphere.”


Suggestions for 2018

round tables, workshops, panels, and brown bags on

  • funding for qualitative research;
  • constructive responses to challenges in doing qualitative research: kinds of things that can lead to anger, such as funding opportunities; IRBs, poor teaching of qualitative research, and lack of mentoring;
  • mentoring and qualitative research;
  • teaching qualitative research;
  • creativity in social work research/arts-based social work research;
  • what’s missing in qualitative social work research; what can we do better?
  • theory and qualitative research; and
  • methodologies and social work qualitative research.

If any of these click with you, see if you can organize a panel or write a paper. If you want to organize a panel, you can check with colleagues by sending a message to the various social work list. If you don’t know how to access the list, please email Social Work Day’s organizer, Jane Gilgun, at

Other topics are welcome.

In the planning stages are sessions on works in progress where participants will get feedback from sessions participants. If you would like to participate in this session, please note this is your abstract. We will send the chosen papers to all registrants for Social Work Day. Papers not chosen will be part of the other sessions of Social work Day.

This year’s Social Work Day is once again on Thursday where we will be together in one place to share our research. For the next two days, we will participate in the main conference where we will mingle with scholars from about 200 countries and scores of disciplines and be exposed to an amazing variety of ways to do and to present qualitative research. As stated earlier, we will have a plenary on the election of Donald Trump at the main conference, either on Friday or Saturday.

Graduate students, new professors, practitioners, and seasoned professors mingle at Social Work Day. The networking possibilities are endless. If you want to discuss ideas and topics, feel free to contact Jane Gilgun at Jane is the convener of the conference and is a professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. If you have additional ideas about sessions, initiatives, publicity, fund-raising, or any other relevant topic, please contact Jane. She will let you know if others have similar interests and will connect you to other researchers with similar interests.

Staying in Urbana

Of special note are the cheap rates of staying in University housing—$40 or less per day. The restaurant food is international and also delicious and cheap, with lots of free food at least four times at receptions and barbeques.

To get a sense of what Social Work Day is like, take a look at the video of Social Work Day 2016. You can link to it at

We have several other videos on YouTube, such as the celebration of Roy Ruckdeschel and Ian Shaw as they stepped down as co-editors of Qualitative Social Work and the welcoming of Karen Staller as the new editor.  Other videos are on intervention research, reflexivity and qualitative social work research, and the effects of funding on a homeless shelter in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Please feel free to contact Jane Gilgun at for further information and to share ideas for the 7th annual Social Work Day, an international event.