2014 Qualitative Book of the Year Award: Call for Nominations

This award is conferred annually to a member of the qualitative and ethnographic community who has published the English-language book that best represents an important contribution to qualitative inquiry.

Eligible books should not be edited books or anthologies. They should be single or co-authored. They will use and advance qualitative methods to investigate any topic or aspect of qualitative inquiry and may involve research reports, interpretations, and analyses. Applications for the award will be judged by criteria that signify a major contribution to the study and practice of qualitative approaches. Such criteria may include success in experimenting with new or traditional writing forms, inclusion of critical reflections on the writing and research process, contributions to living meaningful lives, and insights into creating a socially just world. The award will be presented at the annual meeting of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in May 2014.

To be eligible for the 2013 award, the book should have a publication date between 2012 and 2014. Nominators are expected to arrange for copies of the book to be mailed to and received by each member of the three-judge panel.

Nominations should be sent, no later than 15 November, 2013, to Pat Sikes, chair of the committee, at p.j.sikes@sheffield.ac.uk.

Nominators must arrange for copies of the book to be mailed to and received by each member of the three-judge panel by December 1st, 2013. Addresses are as follows:

 Art Bochner

8303 River Oaks Ct.
Tampa, Florida, 33617-6929, USA

Pat J. Sikes
University of Sheffield
School of Education
388 Glossop Road
S10 2 JA UK

Kathleen de Marrais

Department of Lifelong Education, Administration and Policy
College of Education
University of Georgia
421 River’s Crossing
Athens,GA30602, USA